Thursday, September 10, 2009

why - our 'freestyle' life?

I've just started a blog here and I've been thinking about what to call it, when freestyle life popped into my wasn't available, but our freestyle life was, so here we go. Why freestyle life? Because we can choose every day and every minute what we want to do, what we want to learn, whom we want to see, what we want to explore, what we want to eat and drink, what we want to say or not say, what we want to wear, in which mood we want to be, what we want to create....etcetc.....

We are not bound by a schedule, but free to live our life as we please, one of the greatest gifts, children can have I believe.

Matti is 5 now and he gets the same question all the time:'Are you going to school? Are you going to kindy? When are you going to school?'

Well, he hasn't been to a kindy, neither will he be going to school when he is only 5 years old. Does that mean he hasn't learned anything by not having attended a kindy or will stop learning because he isn't going to school? No, definitely not. Matti and Lucille are learning every day by living, which is sooo wonderful and rich, that I've decided to start blogging about it. First of all to keep the family up to date about what we are doing, and as a kind of diary for ourselves, onto which we can look back to.

So, welcome to our blog! Who are we? First of all there is Matthew, he just turned 5 at the end of August. He is a very active boy, playing all day long, one minute he is a lion protecting us, the next he plays going to work like his daddy, including shaving, he plays being a police or fireman, a robber etc. He loves animals and bought a golf club yesterday in an op shop to kill cane toads :-). He loves playing in sand, he swims and dives like a duck, loves playing anything with balls and cars and legos and golf with his daddy. His sister Lucille (1 in October), adores him and watches every move of him. He has a running bike and a pedal bike and we just got a trail gator to move him along.

Matti speaks fluently German and English, he also loves to watch movies on a little portable dvd player. He has visited Germany 4 times and knows everything about flying now.

He used to help me teach a Mum and Baby Yoga Class, plus always watching and participating in my own practice, and by now he makes up his own poses and plays yoga teacher.

Then there is little Lucille , who was born at home, Oct 08. Her name means 'bringer of light', and she is a bundle of joy. She has had a very different start to life than Matti, as he is already there and she always has another child around her, plus many toys. She is already going much further away from me, exploring, chatting to people, wanting to eat their food :-). She is mainly breastfed, but every time she sees or senses us eat, she comes and wants to try it -she loves food and the sensation of it, and also water. Already when she was 7 months, she grabbed my glass of water and ripped it onto her. She loves musical instruments, goes to our guitar and pulls the strings, the plays on the piano, taps onto drums, was fascinated by a xylophone a friend had today and everytime she hears music, she wiggles from side to side.

She crawls very fast, with one knee up in the air. She does many downward dogs and looking at the earth from upside down. Often she stands without holding on, so probably not too far off walking, which I can't imagine yet.

Her eyes are huge and her smile too. After a night with lots of wake ups, I still feel good when I look at her and she smiles and says 'dubby' or 'beedaaa':-). She searches Matti straight away, who also sleeps with us. They love each other a lot and have a close bond.

She has been a BodyTalk baby - I didn't have any other pre and postnatal care but BodyTalk and she has also done several classes with me, got sessions from the top Practitioners, in utero and also after, plus I've been doing Access on her most days. A good start to life :-). I've also started my Parama training when I was pregnant with her and have just gone up to Parama 2 she hears a lot of teaching on DVD as well.

She was born in water and loves to be in it. I've gone swimming with her quite often and she loves it, plus having a shower or bath is always a joy.

Most of her naps she has in the Ergo on my back. I love it how she cuddles into me and sleeps peacefully. Matti always preferred to be on my front, close to his 'tucker':-), but she really loves the back position. She is a different breastfeeder to him, in that she has less frequent and much shorter feeds. Well, mostly there is Matti around and she wants to see what he is doing :-).

Our family has just moved to an Ecovillage and we love it here. Our house is sustainable, we live on tank water and produce our electricity with solar, selling what we don't use :-), which is awesome. Since living here, we have become so much more aware of saving water - it doesn't rain for some weeks, let's have shorter showers etc. We have become very conscious about water and electricity use. Also, we are serviced with recycled water, so our toilets get flushed with that and we can use it for the garden.

Speaking of garden, there is lots to create :-).

We love our new home and living here is bliss. Going on walks, we meet neighbours to talk to, children to play with and kangaroos to look at. It's peaceful and so beautiful here.

I teach yoga and will start a Mum and Baby class in our home yoga studio soon. I'm also a qualified BodyTalk Practitioner ( and have a clinic room in our house, right next to the yoga studio.

My husband is a Neurokinetics Practitioner (, so together we have lots of empowering tools to help ourselves and others to stay well and balanced.

So, more in the coming days on here :-). This is Fun :-)!

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