Monday, September 14, 2009

Lucille - Daddyyy

We talked to Justin on the speaker phone tonight and when Lucille heard him she smiled and said Daddaaaa, Daddyyyy, very often, and tried to bite into the phone :-).
She gets very excited hearing him.

She was very wiggly going to bed and it took a while until she fell asleep...picked up on Matti's energy I think. She was singing and kicking her legs and at some point sounded like a fire engine. It was bliss though as suddenly, almost simultaneously, they were both quiet, snoring a bit and deep asleep - the joy of co-sleeping :-).
I sneaked out again, as I had dinner too late to go to bed at 7 already.

Lucille is changing so much. With every day her little body feels sooooo much stronger. She crawls around heaps, stands up lots and does many many downward dogs, so no wonder. Plus she has to fend Matti off a lot of the day ;-), so I think she will be good in self-defence :-). Speaking of which, we are going to Family Kung Fu here in the village on Wednesday, first time. Afterwards is a Tai Qi class, but that might get too late.

Ok, good night now, enough for today. Wrote so much, that I won't have to post tomorrow :-).

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