Friday, September 11, 2009

Lucille's first self spoon feeding

Lucille fed herself for the first time with a spoon today. When Matti and I eat icecream (made of banana, raw milk, cinnamon and a bit of cacao), she always comes to share with us, going mmmmhhh :-). Today she took the spoon out of our hand, dipped it into the bowl and then into her mouth. That easy :-).
So, if we think we have to TEACH children by lecturing??? They learn most by observing and that since birth.
She also spent a while in the kitchen chasing around little green peas, rolling them and of course tasting them.
She has just been sleeping for almost 2 hours...must have needed it, as she was very grumpy all morning.
For approx one week now, we have been woken up by the same bird, he starts his very monotonous song at a bit before 5 and he is quite loud.
There is also a Plover Couple nesting on the still empty block opposite us and they swoop everyone walking by. The mum sits on the eggs all day and night and the dad runs and flies around protecting them fiercly....very strange that they nist on the ground.
We are off to the community centre now for a swim and play.
Oh Mama, habe heute Quarkstrudel gebacken, aus rotem Thermomixbuch. Photo ist anbei, sieht aus wie ne Pistole, fuer Matti :-).

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