Monday, September 14, 2009

'ran-zation' ....

mmmh, what does that mean?
When we were in the yoga room, Matti said to me: let's do 'ran-zation'....I was thinking, what the heck is he talking about????
Grand Station??? I asked and asked and he always repeated very patiently, raanzation....that's what it sounded like, or grand station. I tried to get him to explain, and he said: I think it starts with M. I: Mouse? Muellabfuhr? He: No, mmmh, I think it starts with a D.....I named a few D words, then he said: I think it starts with an S. I said Snake?? He: nooo, Ran-Zation.
It went on for ages...Then I tried another way and asked him to explain how we do it, when he said: we always did it in Queensland (he means Flinders View with that ;-) ), and Daddy was there too and it was dark. Aaaaah, there we suddenly dawned on me what he meant : RELAXATION!!! There you go :-).
A good lession in describing when someone doesn't understand you and was also interesting how he mentioned the letters...not that they were right, but just the thought of them.

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