Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grand Final Day and Lucille's first big walks

We had a beautiful birthday yesterday...Matti had a little sleep in and I did some yoga with Lucille...when Matti woke up, he put a birthday cd on and we had a dance, then we ate some Krumeluse tablets (Goji Berries :-) ) saying that we always want to stay little...but then Matti decided that he wants to get older, so he can drive etc. :-). We went to the community centre and met our friends Annette, Summer, Aj and Nicholas there and at the same time Justin drove in, which was a huge surprise, as I had just talked to him before and hadn't expected to see him that early.

This morning Lucille took some more steps, 4 or 5. We all got very excited and so did she. Very gently and a bit wanky she walks forward and then when she has enough carefully sinks back down, either into downward dog or squatting. It's sooo amazing to see them go from crawling to walking and what coordination it actually requires.
We went to watch the Grand Final at someones house here in the village. It was really nice, lots of village members, nice food and fun atmosphere. Matti played with 2 children until they left at half time. It was a very exciting game and the Saints were in front almost the whole way, only to loose at the end :(. It would be nice if they could just both win and there wouldn't be a winner and a looser. Poor Gavin, he is probably devestated....
Lucille got right into the atmosphere and started consiously clapping her hands for the first time. It was too cute...she clapped at such appropriate times, it was very funny.
When she went to sleep before, she even clapped in the sling, and when she was lying in bed, she also started clapping again :-). So, a full day for her of new things. She also started walking heaps when we were there, the first time, with a bottle in her hand, she walked towards the tv, almost 7 steps, and then outside with Matti, who thought it was so very exciting as well. She started to walk the most secure in the last minutes of the game, so most of our attention was on her.
We had a lovely bike ride home, it was almost dark and the Kookaburras were laughing everywhere.
Off to bed now as we are doing birdwatching in the morning.

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