Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas...and lots of rain....

Christmas days are over and only 2 more days and a new year starts.
We have had great weather over the last week, loooots of rain, overflowing tanks, rivers/streams in our garden, mud to play and dance in, and such downpours at night, that they wake us up and keep us awake in awe of the power of nature. So, no draught here at the moment :).

The kids got lots of dress up stuff for Christmas and it has been lots of fun. Matti also got a snorkel and goggles, which he loved using for one day, until the snorkel broke. What was most amazing about this Christmas was, I think every item was made in China and when opening up, there was an incredibly smell coming from all toys and dress ups etc. I've never been so aware of it as this Christmas. Needless to say too, a lot of it has broken already.

We started our Christmas on Christmas Eve at lunch time and opened the presents from the Australian Grandparents, as they had arrived by mail and were keenly awaited to be opened by Matti. Then we put a few things into the tree every morning until today and have thus had it all nicely spread out.

Lucille has been dancing lots in her fairy dress gifts, with the singing Santa in her hand often. She has taken to a doll we found in an OP shop and carries her around hugging and tapping her head. It's so cute how she does BodyTalk on the dolls and also on our plants.

We have been swimming lots and also walked in the rain a few times. I did a big Highland walk with Lucille, walking barefoot in a little stream. There was no one up there and it was sooo peaceful and beautiful.

It was a quiet and very lovely Christmas time, so nice now with 2 little children. The village was quiet and when I went to the beach with Lucille once, I was stunned about the fullest car park I've ever seen here...I didn't even find one and left quickly again...We'll go back when it's empty again :).

Yesterday afternoon it was raining so much that the kids and I walked through the garden naked and in our was great to feel the rain and to be barefoot in the mud.

We found a highchair in the OP shop yesterday and Lucille has liked sitting in it today.

Justin has almost finished the whole front garden bit, under the Yoga Studio, and has started building some shelves for the garage. He is working today, for 24 hours and will be back tomorrow morning for another weeks holiday.

We went to friends for dinnner last night and had a great time. Tomorrow morning we are at our neighbours 1 year birthday party and in the late afternoon we will start celebrating new years eve at the Community centre with other village families, having a BBQ, swim, the Pizza oven on and just enjoying the last day of the year.

This morning Wayne came by with 2 horses, Bob and Sunny, and Matti had a great ride in front of our house (on the greenway and empty blocks). It was wonderful and he felt sooo proud.

I read the Red Tent over the last 2 days (over 300 pages)...couldn't stop until I was through, as it was a fascinating read. Have also been reading 'Magical Parent, Magical Child', which has been very interesting, as it talks a lot about children's brain development at certain stages, the importance of play, of a save environment, nurturing, and the damaging effect of early reading, praise and punishments, and HOW children really best learn.

Ok, lots of photos today, which speek mostly for themselves.
We are off to the pool now. Until next year :)! May the new year bring you lots of joy, happiness, wellbeing and abundance!


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