Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Health and Dis-Ease....links

What a fantastic Health Centre to empower and nuture people!
Would be nice to create something like it here one day.

- listen to this fantastic interview!

And another great link of a movie trailer:
"We're going beyond just treating symptoms; it's an awakening process that helps you release the friction in your life that's causing your Dis-Ease!"

The consciousness of health and dis-ease is slowly shifting, which movies and centres like the above prove, as well as some fantastic modalities that become more and more known.

I can feel the time when people will just know BodyTalk for example, and will want to have sessions, plus also treat themselves with Access and simple Cortices tapping regularly...when they can feel their incredible self healing abilities, which are 'hiding' in all of us and become independent of pills, doctors etc...
Chiropractic was once as unknown and unfamiliar to most, as BodyTalk is still for many people, and look at it today....

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