Monday, December 7, 2009

village days...(without a car or bikes...)

We just had a week without car and what do I do? Leave my keys in the garage again yesterday, Justin locked the garage, and we are once more without car and bikes....oh well, I wonder what it is telling me - walk more? stay home? think more about your keys and where you put or leave them????? :-)

We stayed home a lot and went to the pool. It was also quite cloudy and cool one day, which was great for a walk. We spent lots of time with Tanya, from Canada (living in France at the moment), and her children. Matti has been getting along very well with her girls (6 and 3) and Lucille and her little boy are doing a bit of parellel play :-). We also visited them one morning and had a swim in 'their'pool, which was nice. A man and a woman were passing by, riding horses, and having the horses foles with them...their first walk. They were only 6 weeks old, sooo cute. They stopped frequently to nurse, which was beautiful to see. We had a chat to them and I asked if he does some horseriding for children. He said he owns he pony, which he would bring up, so Matti can have a ride. How awesome. We have seen him and his horse many times in the village. The woman was actually from Germany as well, Muenchen. What a nice always pays off to have a chat to people :-).

Matti practices swimming in clothes a lot last you can see on the photos, he went in his (my very old) nighty into our pool :-). And the other time he had his raincoat on and cord pants :-). The girls thought it was a bit weird, asking their Mum, why Matti wears clothes in the water....I said he is a firefighter who needs to practice rescuing people in his clothes :-), which was accepted :-).

Lucille has been very much into shoes. I put an old pair of Matti's on her and she was walking like a duck through the house, admiring her shoes and how she can walk in them, very funny :-). I also had a singlet on her that Matti wore when he was her age and she so locked like him.

They practiced their dancing again in their fairy dresses, which was very delightful :-).

Speaking of fairy dresses - kids so love to dress up. Where the girls stay, they have a huge dress up box, with masks, guns, swords, dresses etc. and they all had a ball, dressing up and playing. Interesting too, how different boys play to girls.
Matti has been asking me to go back to their house because of the box, like he has before when someone had great dress up things. We don't yet have a lot, so I went a little bit crazy on ebay today, as I found one seller and thus saved on postage... So at least I got Christmas presents for Matti and Lucille and they will probably bring lots of fun to them - well, they better do ;-).

The garden design meeting went well on Friday. It lasted around 3 hours and we were all quite exhausted afterwards, but achieved a great outcome. Matti also listened a lot and drew his own garden plan along Martin. Great lesson. Would be good if one day we could all work together - Justin designing, Matti the garden labouror, I do PlantTalk and Lucille (we shall see ;-) )....

Justin worked a lot in the garden over the weekend. It's so great that he has 3 days off now and we have a long weekend together and he is home 4 nights. Still, this is the hardest we have ever done....We hardly see each other, when we are together, there is so much gardening/landscaping to do, the kids are often more in the way, so I go somewhere with them, we are then not together, but want to be...and when we are we are quite exhausted. Anyway, we just got to do that now and then we will have the beauty around us and hopefully more time. One of our spider lillies at the front entrance flowered over the weekend, it was soo beautiful. Our Casavas have also grown heaps and we cut some leaves off today and put in a soup, very nutritious and so yummy.

We had a great day today at home. I cleaned and I always love the feeling of a clean house/well floor, a full clean house is probably not achievable. Not that it lasts long either, with 2 little ones :-). Matti got the yoga mats out and we played Yoga class. He had some great ideas for postures and we had a very relaxing time. We also did Ladder Games while Lucille slept and went for 2 little walks. One was up the hill behind our house - great breeze today and always awesome view into the whole valley. Then in the afternoon we went over to Louise's and Sally's greenway, said hello to all their chooks, had a look at their gardens, the two new houses and the fruit trees. Then Sally got home and Matti stayed at her house for an hour or so, playing with little Asia (7 months). Lucille was tired and I went home with her and had dinner, which I had cooked earlier. She is getting another tooth I think, as she has been tweezing us, cried a bit last night and has been waking up lots again. Matti is great with the little ones, so gentle and he loves being with them. He gives them toys and talks to them. When we went for a walk earlier, he took his doll and a hip carrier and played daddy. When I was watering with Lucille, and she did something that I didn't like, he said, she is a baby, babies need to explore :-) (mmmh, whose words are these ?! ;-) ). As rough as he can be, he is such a gentle, sweet soul and loves her dearly.

Speaking of rough. I was watching a docu about Lions with him on the weekend and when I saw how the cubs acted, it dawned on me, that Matti IS those lions. He has watched lions so often and in his mind, he often is one and he moves just like they do and he also plays with Lucille like the cubs to with each other. Funny, heh?! It was a good realisation as it makes me understand more.

Lucille has been making her way off our decks a lot. She just walks off and has only eyes for what lies in front of her. Very adventurous and keeps me on my feet as well. Lucky that I have Matti who also often runs to get her back.

The photos show the beautiful front bit, near our entrance, that Justin has been working on and mulching, with newspaper (so weeds don't come through) and chickpoo (to 'kill'the grass) underneath. We had to laugh, as he did it so virgo like in perfect rows and alignments :-).

We went to the beach on Saturday evening. Just as we had arrived, the clouds started to come in and it was freezing with the wind blowing. We had a tiny storm later on, but it didn't bring a lot of rain. Everything is very dry at the moment.

Ok, off to bed now, to catch some precious sleep.

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