Saturday, September 12, 2009

Went to the Farmers market for the first time today. It's a 10 minute drive a way and well worth it. Found some good organic produce, also grassfed beef, organic lamb, nuts and seeds, sol bread etc... the atmosphere was nice too.
Otherwise it has been a fairly quiet day, have done some games, ate some of the market food and done some music...I actually got the piano book out and practiced a bit, very easy things, to get back into it. I have actually felt drawn to play over the last few weeks.
Matti played too and sang to it, making up his own lyrics. I recorded it on the voice recorder, but not sure how to put it on's very nice and interesting to listen to his words :-).
Tomorrow is sustainable day here in the village and lots of people are expected to come. Should be fun, with lots of activities planned, including a worm farm composting workshop.
Matti's fishing net arrived yesterday. At the moment he wants to fish anything, so hopefully it will stay together for a while ;-)'.
Matti said today: I've got a lot of cuts. Boys always get a lot of cuts. That got me thinking about how that belief system is set up, as almost everybody says to him, when they see one cut on the knee or so:" OH, You'll get looooots of those. Boys always hurt themselves heaps...."....I've been musing over that, thinking that that is not the case, but probably happens and happens, as that is what every boy has been told, and there they go, falling over and hurting themselves...
Children only take in what they get told and don't access if it's rubbish or not...and it's scary what they often get told.
Anyway, at least we are aware and mindful of it and can chat about it.
Matti tied a knot today for the second time, which he was very proud of.
Lucille love books, she looks very gently at them actually and even if she has a soft pages book, is just looking page after page almost. Also Matti, the last few days, has sat down heaps, just looking at several books.
The Learning Ladder stuff has turned out to be fantastic, we also play heaps of the games, which we wouldn't have had if I hadn't joined.
When we played a Domino Game today, Matti counted a lot...he has been doing that more and more lately, just seeing dots or so and counting them. It's amazing to see it just develop naturally, as numbers are all around us. He can count to almost 20. We never ask him, count now or so, he just does it on his own accord.
Autonomous learning in progress :-) and it's a joy to observe, as most of us have been so conditioned to schooling.
Ok, that's it for today :-).

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