Thursday, September 10, 2009

Minty is gone

Today was a quiet day. Matti looked at many many books and watched Horton once. We drove to the tip to the tip to drop our rubbish off and checked the letter box. - Wow, sounds massive :-)...but it is actually quite a little trip down to the village. Matti's birthday present from Oma has still not arrived, but there was a surprise from Jana, 2 books which he really likes, especially the police one. So he was happy after all.
Then Trevor stopped by to pick up Minty. He only stayed around 15 minutes, which was a lightning visit unfortunately.
My back felt sore today for the first time in ages, so just did a bit of stretching. We had the yoga mats unrolled, and it's amazing to see all the poses that Mattí comes up with all on his own accord. Then we all had some tea, chamomille....
Very tired now, will have some dinner and early to bed.
Oh yeah, the day started quite trippy, as the toilet didn't flush and our recycled water didn't work. Anyway, got it sorted out after a call to the caretaker.
Ok, a bit about Lucille, she loves the carseat now, which is great, after all the crying and us not going anywhere. Today she didnt'even want to get out. Matti said that she wanted to have bullford, that's why she is happy now :-). She is standing up freely a lot and doing many downward dog postures. sooo cute. She also loves to turn her head sideways to look at the world upside down and then smiles. We have been doing lots of 'nase, nase'...nose kisses and she loves it :-). Her cold is a bit better again and last night was alright....well, then Matti was awake often :-). She loves to make music, goes to the guitar and plays a bit, taps on the drums, goes to the piano and whenever she hears music, wiggles from side to side.
She was very shy with Trevor and also Weasel's wife didn't appeal to her sooo much, as she loves blond women....- whenever a blond woman is close to her, she stretches her arms out and wants to go onto her arms straight away...anyway, she had only just woken up too, when they arrived.
Her favourite words are : dubbyyyy, dubbbyyy, dubbyy,,, dummyyy, dumyyyy, daaa.....
when we eat she comes and wants to join, going mmmmh :-)...definitely loves food.

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