Monday, September 21, 2009


We had a great weekend - went for a long bushwalk up in the highlands on Saturday morning. It's gorgeous up there and we got a good workout, climbing up all the hills. Afterwards Justin and Matti watched a movie and I went grocery shopping with Lucille.
We just pottered around the rest of the day.
Sunday was Coffee Connect, a monthly get together of the village members. There were 3 speakers, a Personal Trainer, a Yoga Teacher and the Tai Chi and Kung Fu Instructor. Matti played the whole time in the sand, I got to listen and afterwards chat to some people.
Matti, Lucille and I stayed on for a swim and Justin came down later as well. He had been doing some work around the house, while we were out of the way. Then we had dinner and the weekend was over...
Lucille went into the pool as well. She loves it.
I plan on going with her most days, so she will learn it along with learning how to walk :-).
We saw some kangaroos right next to our block as well, which the photos show...
Matti has been practicing tying his shoes...and they were both very happy to see their daddy again after two weeks. Lucille was quite shy at first and hiding, but after a shower 'the ice was broken again'.

Ok, I forgot all the 'juicy' bits - we have a little person in the house who hasn't been brought up on nappies and usually communicates when she needs a poo especially, quite reliable, most mornings...well, on Sunday she was adamaned she didn't need to go, stretching her little strong legs, only to keep it in till the evening and then do it on the floor like a little doggy ;-)...well, the person who least likes poo, found it, and the person who least likes it, also missed some of it, only to later find his hand in it by accident :-))), was really funny for all of us, also to the 'person' who didn't like it ;-).

I also forgot to say that my all favourite footy team, the Saints, have achieved the Grand Final, and I'm actually quite excited about GF day now :-). My dear friend Gavin, with whom I lived when I studied in Perth, is a very devote (absolute crazy ;-) ) ST Kilda fan, so my first real exposure to Aussie Rules Footy was that and I must say, my heart still beats for them, and they DO deserve to win the Grand Final anyway, more than anybody else, since it's been a while :-). So, Go Saints :-). (I just spoke to Gavin actually and he has been delirious, has bought flights to Melbourne, has been given the opportunity to buy GF Tickets (for a fortune...) and is soo excited...and everyone who knows him, just feels for him and hopes the Saints will win, just for his sake :-).)

Oh yes, and Justin and Matti found some cane toads when they emptied the overflows and the golf club Matti purchased at the OP shop finally got used for what it was meant - Cane Toad Golf :-), that was indead a juicy affair :-).

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