Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dust storm

Have had a full on dust storm today, coming up from NSW. Our house is finely covered with dust everywhere inside and it's hard to breathe actually...makes you appreciate sunshine and fresh, clean air, that's for sure.
We were at the community centre and pool today, when it really came in - see photos for the colour of the air. Would love a huge rain storm now to clean it all up.
Have been reading a lot about Gardening today and am very excited to get one up and running - want to start with a living fence, trees and hedges and flowers, and then work from the outside in. I don't really know anything yet, so a totally new adventure ahead.
Ok, am unsure if to open the windows or close...the air in here is bad, when I open up it seems better, but having it open a bit, it seems worse again...
Ok, just cleaned while downloading poor little girl crawling around in the dust, and didn't want to keep the dirt in. So, windows closed it is. I sprayed some essential oils and have done Access on myself and it should be fine now. Going to the beach tomorrow if the air is still dusty...
Lucille took one tiny, half, step today, without holding on...she is very close.
She loves to pull other little babies' hair, so the little boy on the photo, Kiki, was in for something today. He is very cute and they both crawl in a similar style, with one leg up.
Matti told me a good night story last evening, and it was veeery looong, and very exciting, lots of most impossible things happened :-).
On the photos, have a look at the girl with the pink shirt, skirt and pink shoes. Matti said today he would like shoes like that :-) - they were pink, with feathers on top and the heels were a little high. I love how he goes from being a lion, shark, robber, policeman, to 'balerina', fairy, or wanting to wear shoes like that...they can be all of it, until someone starts mocking them for it.

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