Friday, November 13, 2009

We had quite a busy 'play' week.
Monday we had our ecovillage Mum and Baby meeting, afterwards two of Matti's friends came to our house for the rest of the day.

On Tuesday we met our old Unschooling group from Brisbane area in Tullebudgera and spent a lovely day at the beach. The weather was fantastic, cloudy, sunny and not too hot, just perfect. Matti played in the sand all day long, only stopped for a little bite to eat. The photos I took almost just before we were leaving, so he was quite tired by then, and played out, just watching what the others were doing - which he has always very much enjoyed anyway, watching other children playing and only joining in later...well, here it was the other way around, he played first and watched after :-).
Lucille also had a great time. She was in exploring mode and just wandered off all the time. Matti had always stayed at my side, at her age not even walking, so I have to get used to actually keep watching her, as she just walks and walks, feeling very safe and not missing me.

Then on Wednesday it was park day again, and afterwards his friend Nicholas came with us to play here.
It was Matti's first experience of feeling a bit rejected by other children at the park. He wanted to play with just one, but that one wanted to play with someone else...because we have had such a full on week and Matti was quite tired anyway, he took it quite hard and was grumpy most of the time we were there. Anyway, just before we left and then here, all was well again.

Yesterday we went to the community centre and pool in the afternoon and had a swim, plus play in the sand. In the evening one of our village members, who is a naturopath with ayurvedic knowledge, did a little cow dung with ghee burning ceremony at sunset at the bali hut, which was quite interesting.

We have a lot of gardening ahead of us on the weekend and also a few village activities.

We have finally found our family tree, the beautiful DELONIX (The Flamboyant or Poinciana). It originates from Madagascar and has often been hailed as the showiest flowering tree in the world. It can only grow within a radius of 30 degrees north and south of the equator. Delonix comes from the Greek delos, meaning obvious, as it is hard to miss. When it does condescend to blossom, it is just like a fireworks display, as the whole tree drops its foliage and lights up literally overnight into a canopy of bright scarlet flowers, each about the size of a rose.
We have chosen it as well for its spreading branches, giving great shade.
It has been tricky to find one, suitable for the area we need it for, all having pros and cons....but I think this is IT now...
Some photos I took off some are attaches. They are in flower here at the moment and just stunning looking.

Lucille has been waking up loooots every night this week, feeding much and I'm very tired, so looking forward to hopefully some naps with her over the weekend.

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