Monday, November 9, 2009

creating our garden....

...what trees do we plant? what kind of family tree do we choose? what kind of herbs do I want to put in? what veggies do we want to grow? how do we create our living fence (hedge) around our borders? many questions to be solved.

It's a very exciting project and we are well on our way.
There is tons to learn, as I don't have any experience in gardening...I think I have never dug up anything in my whole life, nor planted anything :(...quite sad, heh?! So, definitely time to start it and also for our children to grow up with it.

The last few weeks, as I mentioned in a previous post on here, I've been reading the Ringing Cedars of Russia sequel. The books (or more Anastasia) talk about Man's purpose in life. About how if everyone living on the Earth took a hectare of land and created a corner of Paradise on it, the whole Earth would be transformed into Paradise. The books explain this so simply and convincingly, it has been mindblowing. The book I've just finished, number 7, also sheds further light on the forgotten pages of humanity's history, on religion, on the roots of inter-racial and inter-religious conflict, on ideal nutrition and shows a new way of thinking and a lifestyle in true harmony with Nature, which can lead to happiness and solve personal and societal problems of crime, corruption, misery, conflict, war and violence. My eyes have been opened and my awareness has increased from all this new knowledge. I've been immersed in this info over the last weeks and still need to process it and find ways to incorporate and make it applicable to our life.
Creating a garden, our space of love, is a huge part of it. My main question: How can we really live sustainable and free? All of us together? Without the family being apart for most of the time due to work...which especially children just find so painful. (Today was another Monday morning with Matti blues, as Daddy not home anymore after 4 days and a whole week ahead of him until he sees him again....Also Lucille says Daddyyyy all day long, but he is not here :(....- have to put our thoughts to the days that he will be and put out to find a solution for the near future....)
Anyway, no time to muse about this now, I have to go to sleep and also keep planning what we will plant etc.
Just a quick update where my mind has been....:-)

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