Monday, November 2, 2009

"I have to poison myself to be healthy"....

I just read the following, which I found very interesting and it really made sense to me:

A study was recently conducted in New Zealand showing the Healthy People who take consistant supplements are...killing themselves.
In the study healthy people were told to go off these supplements for weeks and have their blood levels of vitamins measured before and after study.

Conclusion was still high levels of Vit A, E etc stored in tissues and organs like the liver and over time creating disasterous effects.

(I don't know enough about the study either pro or con, but the end result struck me)

It comes basically down to the believe system :I HAVE TO POISON MYSELF TO BE HEALTHY.

Why are "healthy people " supplementing?

Why am I looking outside myself for solutions...which is an aspect of which potion/poison can help me?

I have also taken supplements for a few years, and have tried to talk Justin into taking them, my Mum etc...and now I think: Oh my goodness....luckily Justin never took to them, his innate new better...I will not ever want to advice anybody what to eat, what to take, what to do anymore (Oh, I shouldn't write that here in black and white, as I'm a master of telling others what not to consume :-)....)

Anyway, it all comes down to acceptance, grace and gratefulness again...and it's fascniting, how I'm reading a book, or have just finished reading it, and then the messages keep popping up at me everywhere.
I've just read 'Freedom is'by Brandon Bay, which I so enjoyed. A quote ouf of it: Effortless being is the sublime presence that suffuses all fragrances of grace. It is whole, free and completely at ease - and it requires nothing.
Just let yourself gracefully fall into effortless being."
The main thing I got from the book is that we are all trying sooo hard, trying soo hard to change what is, to achieve happiness, health etc...and by trying sooo hard, we are pushing it away, and we don't see what is there already. Everything we seek is inside of us is just there...we would see it if we would stop trying so hard to control, change and not accept everything as it is. That's why we would take achieve the super health, that the companies marketing it are promising. How can one supplement be good for everyone?? We are all sooo different....
Why don't we trust in our bodies abilities to be strong and absorb everything we need?? Sooo many questions...which I will stop asking, as I do just want to be :).

I just wanted to write about this, as I so related to it.
I love the parable of the little wave, who heard about something called the kept searching for the ocean, asking dolphins, fishes, bigger waves, if they would know the ocean...then the big, older wave, and the little one, are looking for the ocean together, until they slash up onto the coast and back into the ocean and they realise, that they have actually been part of the ocean all the time along...just never realised it as they were sooo busy searching the ocean.

How can we find health and wellbeing, if we keep trying everything out there to be the healthiest, fittest, skinniest, oldest but youngest looking, fastest, wealthiest, funniest...etc iest :-).....we should just BEEEEEEEEEEEEE :-)....
along with getting back to nature, growing our own food, holding our own chicken, living sustainable in all ways (not just housedesign wise....)....permaculture is really the answer to a lot as well - Check out the book "The holistic life" Sustainability through Permaculture, by Ian Lillington! ...and it ALL comes down to conscious living - and my next post will be about conscious health care :).

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