Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We got some roadbase and little rocks yesterday, for our paths. Matti carried Lucille down there with him and when I looked out, they were both on top of the hill :-). It was so cute and peaceful, as they don't yet often play together. Lucille was 'working' like Matti and enjoyed herself immensely.

Lucille has gone up a new level, it seems that she is learning and grasping things at an incredible rate now...not that she hadn't before, but just in a different way. When I played piano today, she put her hands out and said:up'! Well, it's easier than 'hoch', so she is probably doing the same as Matti did, picking the easier of German and English first. She also has been saying Mama heaps and she comes often close to me just to give me kisses.
When Matti and I played our pushover game (he stands on the bed, we hug and kiss and then I give him a little push to fall over), she did exactly the same thing and joined in, hugging and kissing me and then waiting for me to fall her over. This morning I sorted washing, and she went to Matti's wardrobe, grabbed clothes and threw them on the pile as well. And you can just see in her eyes, that she understands everything.

One of her favourite things to do is walking through the house, pulling everything she can get her hands on onto the floor...or in her hands and then drops it somewhere else :-). I had forgotten how little ones do that...So, it's futile to try and keep the house neat, which is a bit hard for me, as I like to have some order around me. She is just asleep on my back and I have cleaned up, dusted and vaccuumed, which feels so nice...I better enjoy the little time it stays clean and neat...and then I'll enjoy her joy in exploring :). (you can see on the photo how our floor looks like at peak times :-) ). I want to have a clean out to get rid of more clutter. Children definitely help you realise what is important in life and what is not....neatness isn't, connection is, stuff isn't, love is.

The plovers are having babies again, same spot, same procedure....the last 4 all died, so they are having a new try. It still spins me out, how they nest in the middle of an empty block...some say even in the middle of a road. The Mum screeches out for the dad to come, as soon as we move out onto the verandah....or even more so when we are on the lawn or greenway...then the Dad flies, trying to swoop us.
The caretaker mowed the lawn around her yesterday, as you can see on the photo, her sitting still on the long grass.

We saw a big gecko yesterday on our lawn. It has been around 34 degrees yesterday and today, and I think he was lookg for some shade and food...He was very quick.

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