Monday, November 16, 2009


Lucille had us laughing in stiches yesterday night...we haven't had such a good laugh for ages. We all did a bit of music, at first she was sitting on my lap when I played piano, jumping up and down with joy. Then Matti and Justin played guitarre. She had never heard Justin play guitarre, as he had put it away so it wouldn't get 'damaged', but thus hasn't used it for a year or so. He played and sung the song we created and sung all the time when I was pregnant with Matti. She was looking at him, jumping up and down, her eyes wiiiide open, her whole body vibrating of joy, she was yelling and laughing and squeaking. She actually was the music. It was absolutely amazing and I've never seen a little person react to music like she did. Her mouth was often open too, and just how she wiggled up and down, doing some 'Michael Jackson'impressions in between ;-), it was just hilariously cute.
Some photos are attached, but they don't really bring across how it was. She was exhausted afterwards and also today had a massive sleep and wanted to be on my arms all the time.
She has been saying Mama as well :-).
And Matti is Daddi too :-).

She has been doing lots of new things - she can go down backwards on her own our four steps now. She still calls me, but then I wait at the bottom and she does it all herself, feeling very pleased about it :-).
She has also been throwing everything that she can find and that fits through the railings, off our decks.

I bought her her own drinking bottle today, and she loves it.

We have been up since 5, said goodbye to Justin, and then went to the beach. It's a very hot day today, so it's great we got a nice morning outside in. It's breezy in the house and quite lovely. The beach was great. We collected lots of rocks, stones and shells for our garden, and found some obviously unloved items left at the beach, which we took home. One of it was a buggy board (or however they are called :-) ), which helped me to pull all the rocks to the car :). It's a bit broken, but still usable, and it was just lying there. We also found some shorts, some thongs, burried in the sand, and some little baby crocs....I thought about taking it home or not, but no one looking for them was in view, and they were so 'hiding' that they had probably been there for quite a while. So, abundance for us today :).
Lucille didn't feel very confident today and was mainly on my arm. She had a very short night, as we were only in bed by 9 and up already at 5.

She has also been saying some new things and speaking more 'gobble di gobble' in kind of long sentences, instead of just words :-)...if that makes sense?!

She has been climbing into our cubboard and looking a bit like 'Haensel in the cage' in there :-).

Ok, back to the weekend. Justin continued 'pathing', the gardeners were here on Saturday to finalise our plan and they will start mulching this Wednesday.

Saturday night was Acknoledgement Night at the Community Centre...just a get together, pot luck dinners, and some hangouts of who has been acknowledged for what. Matti had fun playing in the sand, we all had a nice dinner and it was a great sense of community.

Justin gave me a Neurokinetics Treatment early Friday evening, and I felt quite washed out all weekend from it and extremely tired. I hurt my back a bit when I gave the treatments last weekend, as in the hurry we went down there, my table had been too low and I hadn't taken the time to bring it up until half way through. Probably not the only reason, as I've just been feeling a bit overwhelmed last week, we did too much, I didn't stay centred enough and everything just seemed 'too much':-)...Anyway, back to wellbeing, happiness and appreciating whatever comes.

I just read a post by my friend, and found - have only read a few lines on there, but I resonate with it and I'm planning ones we have grown our own food, I think I do want to become mainly rawvegan as well (still eating eggs, milk, cheese, some meat though...and still cooking a bit....:)...mmmh, I think I will reconsider and not plan and just see how I go ;-) ), just eating what we grow. I want to stop thinking about food, what to cook etc. and just go out in the garden when we are also create yummy things out of what we will grow.
Having tasted some veggies out of garden here, I think we have forgotten how food should taste. Why would we need sauces, etc., to make food palatable, if it wouldn't be dead food.
Ok, that's probably why I have been exhausted, as I've been contemplating like crazy, how many crazy things are going on in our society and are viewed and accepted as 'NORMAL'. But I've done that now, so I can go back to just being :-).

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