Wednesday, November 18, 2009

our first permaculture garden - the beginning

Andrew and Donovan, the 2 permaculture gardeners, who are helping us creating our garden, where here today and Matti and I (and Lucille on my back a lot) worked with them. We lay planted Lamandras, lay out wet newspaper and mulched over. It was great fun. Luckily after yesterday's 35 degrees, it was overcast and very comfortable today. Otherwise I would probably not have lasted with Lucille on my back. Matti had a great time, he was so keen to help them, all day long, he tried out their tools, asked them lots of questions and helped lots.
The day ended, as photos show, with Matti and Lucille being absolutely covered in mud and sand, and myself half wet (as Matti hosed me :-)....) and also quite muddy from Lucille's hands and body. Matti hardly ate anything all day, besides oranges and several apples, and he was kind of out of control at the I was glad when we were all under the shower and peace returned ;-).
It will be great that Justin has Fridays off from now on (working longer the other days), so we have some more time as a family...I'm sure it will ease how Matti has been feeling as well.

Off to bed now :)...yay, have been up since 4.30, so a long day.

Oh, regarding Lucille, she managed to climb onto the sofa today - there goes Matti's 'safe haven' he likes to watch dvds on there with his little portable dvd player.
She is a little warrior...outside today she kept running towards the plovers, who flew up, getting all worked up and trying to swoop us. She was running straight to their eggs, and over and over I had to get her back...she didn't mind how they flew over and down to us.
I wonder if we can relocate them, as we can't be outside to play ball etc.,as they are so protective of their eggs. They have been doing taking our greenway over the last few months, I wonder why....
Lucille also climbed on top of the roadbase pile on her own today.
It's fascinating to see her character develop and come out more and more.

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