Thursday, October 22, 2009

busy days :-)

Have been very quiet here lately as I haven't had a lot of sleep, very tired and also Lucille has been so much more interactive, that I didn't get a lot of time to write and download photos.
So, just briefly and lots of photos - we had some lovely rain on the weekend, the water rushing into our tanks, Lucille playing with the rain drops and in the puddles....We got another little garden bed done, with 'birds of paradise'(Strelitzien) and some other little plants, below our bedroom deck.

Matti painted himself one day like a 'monster'....and looked veeeery wild :-).

Lucille playing in the sandpit here in the village with some older children.

We went to a playground this week, which had a a tiny set of stairs and slide, and Lucille loved it, up the stairs, down the slide and Matti catching here, they had so much fun.

Right now she is sitting in a pile of Leggos, licking them, touching them, putting them on top of each other and making lots of "chook' (Huehnchen) noises.

This morning we went to the beach and it was beautiful, feeling the sun and breeze on our skin, stepping into the ocean, playing in the sand. All three of us were soo happy and relaxed there. Matti swam all the way to a sandbank, Lucille also crawled right into the water, without any fear, as far as she felt safe and then crawled back onto the sand. She played heaps in the sand as well, we kicked a ball and did a little walk. Such beautiful places around us that we can visit, it is really like paradise living here.

Lucille has been loving our homemade icecream, especially when it's on a stick and there is no chance anyone can take it off her :-).
She can almost run now and mainly walks everywhere. She has also managed to get down a single step, so she can get into the garden etc. She signs clearly now for poos, blowing her lips loudly, also for wees, she stands very still before she does them, and if I have missed, she calls me, so I can clean it and she doesn't slip. She touches her ear all the time to signal for it.
So in tune, it's great to see.
She is very aware, after she has hurt herself somewhere, it hasn't happened again, like with drawers, or slipping in wee....she remembers and then is careful to avoid it next time.

Ok, this is all for today. The weekend is ahead and we are meeting a permaculture landscaper and designer on Saturday...We are very excited about starting our garden and growing our own food.

Tomorrow we will go for a walk in the Mt Cougal National Park.

Lucille is just trying to grab Matti's navel and is laughing out loudly while doing it :-).

When Justin is on the phone she always says "daaddaaa dadadadad.....". She knows his voice...and often also says it when she sees his photo on the fridge.

Ok, that's it for today :-).

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