Tuesday, October 6, 2009

our new three feathered friends

Our neighbours are on holidays for a week and we are in charge of their chooks. They are three, which we bring our food scraps every morning and feed them with seeds morning and afternoon. We let them out to roam a little and then get them back into their cage. I think I would like to have some as well. The kids love them and playing with them, and I can see some running around in our garden (to be) as well. Plus it's a great way to get rid of our scrubs, plus we would have free eggs. A lot of benefits.... The only issue with them might be attracting rats, foxes and along with them snakes...But a lot of people here have them, so I'm sure there is a safe we for us to also hold chooks.
Lucille had a little tick (Zecke) yesterday. I was lying down with her, feeding her to sleep and I saw this tiny spot, thought it was a crumb, but it was a tick, which just started to eat itself into her skin. I got it out though...It was probably from the chicken area....
Ok, lots of photos from the feeding and being with them today and they can say more than my words :-).

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