Monday, October 5, 2009


Another Monday and this week, Lucille will turn 1 already. The year has flown in some ways, but also not as a looot has happened. Her birthday is also the day our building started. We have been so happy living here, it is just paradise, especially for the children.
The beautiful dress on the photo is a birthday present from her grandparents from Torquay. We opened it on the weekend, as Justin won't be here on Thursday. It looks gorgeous on her. So here is a little preview of the coming up birthday girl :-).

- Lucille just climbed up the stairs, then yelled out to me, when I came she crawled into the bathroom, and I thought I just see if she needs a wee and held her offer her potty- and voila, she really did :-). So, the signaling gets better and better.
She is walking most of the time now, very proud of herself and her new skill, sticking her belly out and most of the time carrying something to us, which she couldn't do crawling. It's still quite new to hear her little tap tap feet coming and seeing her up all the time :-). She sways a lot, squats heaps and is building up lots of balance and strength.

We had a great weekend. On Friday evening Matti, Lucille and I did a nightwalk. It was beautiful as the full moon was so bright.
Dvds from our visit in Germany arrived, and on one of the photos you can see Matti watching it, talking on the phone to Mutti and waving with one hand to people waving on the dvd in a parade in our village :-).
He hasn't been watching them again, which is alright, as I feel it takes him a bit out of being here and his mind is then partly back in Germany...making him feel sad a bit as he is missing playing with his Oma...which can 'disrupt'our harmony a little...

On Saturday Justin continued building the path next to our garage. Matti found it too hot and he quickly came inside again (it got up to 35 degrees....). Our friends came for a visit and Nicholas stayed on to play with Matti. They get along great and had a ball. At some point we had 2 Ballerinas dancing (stomping ;-) ) through the house. We ended the day with a cool swim at the community pool, a play in the sand and then a communal tree planting around the centre, with lots of members being there, having a chat and a good time. The beauty of community life :-).

In case you wonder why I always have a lot of kangaroo photos on here...I still very much love them, being German :-), especially how close they come to our house. They are such characters and I love watching how they act and jump around. Lucille also gets mesmerised by them.

On Sunday morning Matti and Justin went yabbing at the little pond behind our house. They didn't catch any yabbies, but an eel. We let it go again though, as we felt sorry for him an didn't want to eat him. Justin's beloved hat fell into the water as well, and he could practice his catching skills ;-), by fishing it out again...and what a surprise, it was wet and dripped when he put it on ;-)).

In the afternoon we went to a 'roof warming'of some friends. They are building in the creek hamlets and their roof has just come on, so many people from the village gathered there to have a little celebration...there were lots of children and they all ran around over the lawns and down to the creek, playing.
I thought this week how great it is, anywhere we go in the village, we always meet some people and the kids just get to know familiar faces and this will add so much to them feeling really safe here.

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