Friday, October 16, 2009

Last week - diverse....

We had a very cold and rainy Sunday, 18 degrees or less, and it was bliss. So nice and cosy for a change, to be able to wrap up and just enjoy a 'dark'day :-), our tanks filling up a little and the earth just soaking in the rain.
It didn't last long, only a day, and the next day it was back to our usual sunny gorgous day. You definitely get used to all the bright days and one cloudy day is sufficient for a 'break'.
We had friends from Karana Downs visiting us on Sunday and it was great catching up again.

Justin took Monday and Tuesday carers leave, as I've been just so exhausted and tired, and it gave me the chance to take long naps with Lucille and just charge up again.
She has been sleeping much more sound, only waking twice or so the last nights, so am just catching up myself now to recover from all the many night wakings between both Matti and Lucille.
Have been feeling a abit weak and tired...Anyway, it will pass soon, just have to be gentle on myself and get as much rest as possible. Have been going to bed with them around 8ish as well.

An update about EC, over the last few nights Lucille has actually wanted me to wee her over the potty, so we have completely dry nights. Great to see the change coming. She is so aware of when she has to go to the 'toilet'now, it's beautiful to see.

We have also planted our palm trees, around the border to the greenway. We want to create a permaculture garden, but don't know a lot about it yet. Yesterday there were 2 flyers of permaculture garden designers and landscapers in our letterbox - maybe that's an answer to our inner call for help. I'm longing to grow our own food, especially since reading Anastasia and her advice on gardening. Speaking of Anastasia, the books are called 'The Ringing Cedars of Russia', 9 books so far. I don't have time to go into them right now, but please google them, they are an amazing read, with so many insights on how we can improve our, relationships, our earth...and one of the main things is creating our 'Space of Love', our house, our garden, growing our own food, to be self sufficient, and to pass this on to our children. The books span dozens of subjects from child-rearing to gardening, from adventure to the meaning of human life, from megalithic science to breastfeeding and from sexuality to religion, they reassert the limitless creative potential hidden in each of us and present and incredibly beautiful and equally practicable vision of humanity's spiritual connection to Nature that helps us understand ourselves and heal our Earth.
Reading them has stirred me up a lot and has made me question the way we life etc. At least we are at the right place, in an ecovillage, in a community, about to create our garden and the rest will just follow. Going to a shopping centre now and seeing all the useless gadgeds for sale, all the advertising, enticing people to buy stuff, and stuff and stuff and stuff...our houses are filled with them...even many clothes do we really need?...(it would be so much nicer to not wear any anyway....), especially for children. We have become mostly OP shoppers and hardly buy anything new anymore. And hopefully once we have our garden, some chooks etc, the kids will mainly play out there and won't need all these artificial toys.
No wonder most of us are not feeling 100% can we, if we don't grow our own food and spend our lifes living by how we get told to live (what to buy, what to wear, when and what to eat ....).
Anyway, they are the most amazing books I've ever read, and they are truly life changing. The concepts of them fit very well to the BodyTalk and also Yoga Philosophy and many things I've heard in different courses...but, the way the book is written, in the poetic form, just makes it sink in, in a different way.
Probably lots of shifts happening, as the awareness of whoever reads the books increases so much, and no wonder I've been feeling so tired.

The photos are of the kids playing, us planting, Matti helping Justin unload the ute in a little hail storm, Matti and Lucille playing in the hole for the tree, Lucille eating beans and her watching 'the boys'(as Matti likes to call himself and Daddy ;-) ).

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